Erotic Ecstasy

Woman With Horns Holding a Whip

What is a Bull in BDSM?

Cuckolding is a consensual fetish that falls under the BDSM umbrella. It involves one partner – a hotwife or cuckoldress – indulging in sexual activity with another man. This can…

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How to Make My Boobs Perkier

We’ve all heard of products or miracle potions that promise to make our boobs perky. The truth is, there are no shortcuts to perky breasts outside of cosmetic surgery. The…

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Serious young ethnic woman using smartphone lying on bed

How to Get Into BDSM

A LOT of people get turned on by the idea of being spanked, fucked, blindfolded and otherwise abused during a BDSM scene. But there’s more to BDSM than rough sex….

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What is Breeding in BDSM?

Those who play breeding kinks can find arousal from the thought of having unprotected sex and allowing someone else’s cum to enter their body. However, if the goal is not…

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What Is Considered Big Boobs?

Women often feel a need to be “busty”. The common perception is that men like large breasts, and this is reinforced by popular jokes and pornography. However, some people are…

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Post Orgasm Torture

Post orgasm torture is an intense form of play that involves stimulating the clitoral area after a person has reached orgasm. This is a common practice in BDSM and is…

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