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Aftercare in BDSM

Aftercare in bdsm revolves around complimenting your partner and telling them how good they did during the scene. A few words of affirmation can go a long way for a…

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Why Are Boobs Sexualized?

Boob is a word that has become synonymous with women’s breasts. It is also a slang word for stupid or foolish people. Many people find pleasure in touching and stroking…

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What is a Munch?

When new people enter the kink scene, they are often advised to go to a munch. A munch is a casual social gathering of kink-interested people who meet in public…

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Why Is It Hard to Pee After Orgasm?

Many people have heard that it’s important to pee after sex. However, not everyone knows why. During orgasm, the parasympathetic nervous system releases vasocongestion. This causes the blood vessels in…

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How to Naturally Lift Boobs

Having perky breasts is a dream of many women. Although, a surgical breast lift can provide the boost many desire, not everyone is willing to undergo such a procedure. Fortunately,…

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What is Orgasm Anxiety?

For some people, orgasm anxiety can be a very real hurdle to enjoying and sharing sensual pleasure. There are several things that can cause this, including underlying mental health issues…

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