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Best Sex Moves to Drive a Woman Crazy

Getting your partner in the right position is key to an orgasm. Skip the old missionary position and try something different.

Doggie style or rear entry is a great way to get climax quickly – This quote was taken from the website Seductive Whispers. It involves her lying face down and you entering from behind.

Make sure to lick and tease her lips, earlobes, breasts and inner thigh. This stimulates her mouth and clitoris.

1. Missionary Position

When it comes to bedroom sex moves, the Missionary Position is one of the most underrated. This sexy position involves the penetrating partner lying directly on top of the penetrated partner during sex. It offers a lot of intimacy, close-up views of the action, and eye contact.

It also allows for more stimulation of the G-spot. This is because the angle of penetration is close to the clitoris. This is a big turn on for most women, and can help them reach climax faster.

If you want to spice up missionary sex, try adding in some playful bondage. Playing rough is a great way to build arousal, and can even lead to some head rushing. Try scratching his back lightly at first and then slapping his chest and back as his arousal increases.

Another thing to try is locking eyes during orgasm. This can be intensely intimate, and can be a powerful way to build a connection with your lover. Just make sure you do this with a partner that you trust! And be sure to try out different positions often. After all, the same old position can get boring after a while!

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2. Butterfly Position

The butterfly position is one of the best sex moves to drive a woman crazy because it allows for deep penetration without being too taxing on the receiving partner. The penetrating partner can use a penis, a dildo, or a strap-on to enter either the anus or the vagina, says Jordan Rullo, PhD, certified sex therapist and founder of health app Flo. The vulva owner, or bottom, drapes her legs over her partner’s shoulders and can rest them there or relax them out to the side.

This position also gives the receiving partner easy access to her clitoris, which can make it easier to stimulate and cause orgasm. And if she has a vagina, the back of her cervix can be stimulated in this position as well, which can lead to cervical orgasms, as well.

For more variety, the bottom can switch things up by placing their feet on their partner’s shoulder instead of their ankles. This can give the receiving partner more control over the angle and speed of penetration, and it works for partners with different heights.

3. Crab Walk Position

A variation of the regular missionary position, this is another one of the best sex moves to drive a woman crazy. The difference is that the guy can get right down into her G-spot. The position also allows him to rock back and forth, which elicits more orgasm.

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To perform a crab walk, start by sitting down with your knees bent and the soles of your feet flat on the floor about hip-width apart. Place your palms on the ground behind your hips, with fingers pointing forward. Engage your core and glute muscles to lift your hips off the ground so that only your palms and feet are touching the floor. Walk forward by moving your left hand and foot, then repeat with your right hand and foot.

Many women report that this position is very satisfying and provides more pleasure than the reverse cowgirl. Some even say that it is more satisfying than oral sex, and can be a good way to get things going before actual sex. It is also a great way to build anticipation and boost orgasm.

4. Side Position

For the partner who prefers not to have full access to their partner’s vagina, try the Side Position. This fun sex move allows the bottom to envelop your penis, giving you deep penetration and an amazing sense of fullness. However, since she’s not completely straddled on your back and has her legs wrapped around your hips/waist, you won’t be able to thrust as hard as you would in traditional positions like cowgirl or missionary.

You can add to the pleasure of this sex move by grinding your penis into her front and stimulating her G-spot with your fingers. Moreover, you can also straddle one of her legs and lower down on it for some extra sensations during sex. For maximum control, make sure you don’t straddle her for too long or she may get overstimulated. This is a great sex position for shower sex or solo sessions, especially for couples who want to spice things up with anal sex. For the most enjoyment, use a good natural lubricant for this position. It’ll keep things slippery and smooth, making it easy to go faster or slower.

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5. Butterfly Position with Head Rush

Women often report that they don’t get orgasms from penetrative sex alone, but using other erogenous zones like the neck and groin to stimulate her clitoris can help. Gentle bottom smacking, for example, can resonate with her clitoral ridges and tease nerve endings in the nipples, according to Men’s Health.

The Butterfly Position with Head Rush involves her lying back and him entering from behind. It’s similar to Reverse Cowgirl, but gives him a sexy view of her curves and enables deeper penetration. This position also works well if they’re of similar heights, as she can push up on him to vary the angle of thrusting.

For a more intense version of the Butterfly Position, have her lift one of her legs toward him and hold it there for him to enter from the front. This can increase the intensity of her orgasm and add a lot of extra heat to your session. It can even lead to a nipple orgasm, if she’s not too shy about reaching down and sucking her nipples. A full penetration can also give her more pleasure and help her reach climax more quickly.