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How to Choose the Best Mattress for Sexually Active Couples

For some, a mattress isn’t just about sleeping. They also want their bed to perform well for intimate activities.

Just like a dance floor with the right amount of give can elevate an act, a mattress should have ample bounce and solid edge support for amorous movements. Innerspring and hybrid mattresses tend to do this best.


When shopping for a mattress, most people think about comfort, firmness and thickness. What they often forget is that a mattress is not just for sleeping, but also for intimate activities. Jeske says that couples should look for a mattress that can support intimate activity and allow them to move freely without feeling limited by the mattress or frame.

This means that the mattress should be bouncy and offer some flexibility for switching positions during sex. Jeske recommends a foam or hybrid mattress that is soft enough to feel good while supporting the body and allowing for movement. The mattress should also be breathable to prevent excessive sweating and allow for airflow.

Lastly, the mattress should be quiet to avoid distracting noises that could interfere with a couple’s romantic moments. You may want to consider a spring mattress or one that utilizes individual wrapped springs to minimize noise.

Finally, Jeske says to make sure the mattress is big enough. She advises couples to choose a king size mattress so that they can have plenty of room for a variety of sexual activities and to experiment with different positions. Having plenty of space is also important for couples that use sex toys and want to keep their hands free. For this reason, she suggests that couples check to see if their mattress is compatible with a bed frame that can support sex toys.

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Whether it’s a soft or firm mattress, the right surface can help you feel sensual and intimate during sex. Avoid mattresses with too much body sinking, as this can rob you of the pleasure and lead to pain during sexual activity. Also, consider a mattress with edge support and durability so you don’t fall off the bed during sex or while getting up and down.

It’s important to communicate your needs with your partner when shopping for a mattress. For example, if you like to take turns being on top, a softer mattress may be better for the woman while the man might enjoy something bouncy with more motion.

The temperature of the mattress is another factor to consider. A mattress that keeps you cool can help you stay more comfortable during sex and prevent overheating. Look for mattress models with breathable covers, innovative top layers that reduce and disperse heat, or both.

Finally, choose a mattress that fits your bedroom space. If you don’t have room for a king-sized mattress, Jeske recommends purchasing a queen to save space and allow for more room to move around during sex. If you can’t test out the mattress before buying, look for a company that offers an in-home sleep trial and a generous return policy, as this will give you more time to make sure the mattress is a good fit.

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It’s important for couples to have privacy when it comes to sex, so the mattress they choose should minimize noise. Mattresses that produce squeaks or creaks can be disruptive and may alert roommates or neighbors to their love making. Foam mattresses tend to be quieter, and innerspring mattresses with individually-wrapped springs may be less prone to telltale squeaks than older styles with bonnel coils. The type of bed frame or base a couple chooses may also impact how much noise their mattress produces.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some mattresses feel better for sex than others. A firm mattress may have too much bounce, which can be difficult for some couples to push and thrust on during sex. In contrast, a soft mattress may sink too much and provide minimal support, which can lead to pain during intimacy. A hybrid mattress can offer a happy medium, as these beds feature a mix of both foam and innerspring materials.

While firmness is a personal preference, most couples agree that a medium-level mattress is ideal for sex. Other important factors to consider include cooling features and temperature regulation (for when things heat up), comfort (to ensure both partners are comfortable), and noise reduction, as well as the size of the mattress they need. The best way to find the right mattress for your needs is to visit a store and try it out.

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As a couple, you want your mattress to be durable enough to last for years and hold up well during sex. You also want it to be quiet, as you don’t want to annoy any roommates or neighbors when you and your partner are in the middle of a mind-blowing orgasm.

A memory foam mattress can feel great but may not be the best for sex as it absorbs movement, which makes it harder to thrust and change positions during sexual activity. However, a hybrid or latex mattress with pocketed coils can offer bounciness that makes for a more lively and responsive surface.

Consider the height of your mattress and bed frame too, as it can affect sexy positioning. You want it to be high enough so that a partner can kneel or stand up next to the bed during lovemaking, but not so high that it cuts into your shins when you’re kicking back in the missionary position!

Ultimately, a good quality mattress can boost your sex life by enabling you to get better rest. Poor sleep puts your body in a stress state that steals sex hormones, like testosterone and progesterone. Getting good sleep can restore those sex hormones and make you feel more confident, which can translate to increased intimacy during sex. So, go on and give sexy sleeping a try!