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How to Make My Boobs Perkier

We’ve all heard of products or miracle potions that promise to make our boobs perky. The truth is, there are no shortcuts to perky breasts outside of cosmetic surgery.

The first thing to keep in mind is that age breaks down collagen and other skin tissues. UV rays also damage your skin. The breast ligaments called Cooper’s ligaments can also lose their strength and elasticity over time.

1. Wear the Right Bra

It’s no secret that women’s breasts begin to droop as we age (blame gravity and loss of elasticity). But there are a few simple ways to make your boobs look perkier, such as wearing a supportive bra. It’s also important to get fitted properly; a lingerie department employee can help you find the right size. There are plenty of online bra fitting tools, but it may be better to head to a coveted brand with tech and return policies aligned to support you finding your best fit (CUUP, ThirdLove and Harper Wilde come to mind).

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Another tip is bra stacking, which involves wearing two different-sized bras: one that’s your regular size and the other a cup or two larger. Wearing a bra with a higher neckline (like V-neck, sweetheart or plunging) is ideal to enhance cleavage and give the illusion of lift. You can also give your boobs a boost with silicone bra inserts. Just be sure to wash your bras regularly to avoid bacterial buildup and irritation.

2. Exercise Regularly

We all want perky breasts, but unfortunately they are prone to many factors that can decrease their perkiness: pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause and weight fluctuation. While there is no miracle cream or supplement to make your boobs perky, there are some simple habits you can adopt to help slow down the sagging of breast tissue and skin.

Adding chest exercises to your workout routine can strengthen the pectoral muscles that support your boobs and help them appear lifted. However, don’t expect to go from Olive Oil to Jessica Rabbit – exercising your pectoral muscles will only help your boobs sit up a little higher, not increase their size.

Practicing good hygiene and following an overall healthy lifestyle can also help keep your breasts perky by preventing a build-up of excess fat in the area. Incorporating a routine of regular massages will stimulate blood circulation to the area and help your boobs stay fuller, firmer and less sagging. It’s important to use a good-quality massage oil to avoid damage to the delicate connective tissues. A skilled professional will be able to provide you with a gentle yet effective breast massage.

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4. Wear the Right Clothes

Many women want perky breasts more than they do a particular size. Unfortunately, the breasts go through a lot of hormonal and physical changes throughout our lives – pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause and weight fluctuation among others – that can leave them looking deflated or saggy. But there are effective ways to slow the sagging process and keep boobs perky for as long as possible.

Wearing form-fitted clothing that shows the shape of your chest can enhance a perky appearance and make your figure look better defined. Wearing bras in the correct size can also help – get your breasts professionally measured at a department or lingerie store.

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Proper posture will also keep boobs perky and boost the appearance of cleavage. Hunching or slouching can make your boobs appear heavy and saggy, so be sure to check your posture regularly to ensure that you’re standing straight. Wearing shirts with wide necklines, plunging styles and V-necks can reveal more cleavage and give the illusion of lifted breasts. Avoid wearing oversized tops or sweaters that cling to the bust.

5. Wear the Right Makeup

Many women wish they had larger, more perky breasts. While surgery and other procedures are the best ways to increase breast size, they’re not the only options *especially if you’re petrified about going under the knife).

Cosmetic makeup can be a great tool for making your boobs look perkier. For the most natural-looking results, use an eyeshadow or bronzer that is two shades darker than your skin tone to draw the outlines of your cleavage line and a highlighter to make your boobs stand out. Blend it all in with a powder brush and pressed setting powder for a flawless finish.

Having thin, delicate breast skin leaves them prone to dehydration and sagging. While a good moisturizer will help, a specialized product with niacinamide and peptides can also firm your boobs and smooth out stretch marks.