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How to Make Your Boobs Smaller

If you’re a woman with large breasts, your feelings about their size may change over time. For instance, their composition can change after a pregnancy, or after you start working your pectoral muscles to tone them up.

You can also use different clothing to make your boobs appear smaller. Just be sure to avoid padded bras with added push-up features.

1. Wear the Right Bra

One of the easiest ways to make your boobs look smaller is to wear the right bra. The cup size should enclose the entire breast, and the band should sit parallel to your rib cage without digging in or riding up at the back. If you have a “quad” shape (fuller on top, smaller on bottom), a push-up or balconette bra will work best to create cleavage and align your boobs.

If you have a teardrop shape (slimmer on top, fuller on the bottom), you can get away with pretty much any bra style. But if you struggle with gaping between your boobs, opt for a semi-cupped bra to reduce the size of the padded cups and provide a bit of lift. This is also a good choice for women with asymmetrical breasts, since it will help bring the two different sides of your boobs into balance.

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2. Wear the Right Clothes

Getting the right bra size is a great start, but you can also make your boobs look smaller by wearing the right clothes. Avoid anything that accentuates your chest, such as frilly tops with ruffles, pleats or patterns. Instead, choose fitted tops that show off your silhouette.

Dark colors are a classic way to minimize the appearance of your chest. Try to wear darker colors on the top half of your body and brighter or lighter colors on the bottom.

Another easy tip is to tuck your shirt into your pants or skirts. This helps to define your waist and makes your boobs look smaller. Plus, it helps to keep your outfit looking put-together and on point! Also, remember to practice good posture. Slouching or standing with your shoulders hunched forward will make your boobs look larger and droopier than they should. Instead, try to stand or sit up straight with your back straight.

3. Wear the Right Accessories

If you want to look smaller, make sure that you are wearing the right accessories. For example, long necklaces that rest just below your boobs help to create the illusion of bigger breasts. This is because they draw attention to the chest area and make it appear larger.

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In addition, try to avoid clothing with too much detail that draws the eye away from your bust. This includes patterns and prints that are too large, as well as ruffles and frills.

Wearing the right bra can also help to make your boobs look smaller. For example, gel filled or padded push-up bras can add a little extra volume and look great under blouses, tops and sweaters. Also, avoid wearing low-cut shirts and instead opt for higher-necked styles that will show less of your chest. Finally, be sure to practice good posture on a regular basis as this can also have a huge impact on how big your boobs look.

5. Wear the Right Jewelry

Besides getting a good fitting bra and having your boobs filled out with implants, there are many ways you can naturally make them bigger. One way is to wear the right jewelry. Having a necklace that disappears under your neckline is a great option, and if you go with a long necklace it will draw attention to the chest area.

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It is also important to be aware of your posture. Slouching can make your boobs look smaller, but standing up straight will help to push them out and appear larger.

Finally, try to avoid wearing graphic tees that have words across your chest or tops that show off lots of cleavage. These types of tops tend to draw attention to the chest area, so if you want your boobs to appear smaller, it’s best to save them for another day.

6. Wear the Right Accessories

If you are not happy with your natural breast size, there are a lot of ways to make them look smaller. These tips include wearing the right bra, wearing flattering clothes, and using boob tape!

The first thing you need to do is find a good push-up bra. Whether gel filled or padded, this will help you to get that extra volume and look your best. You should also wear shirts and blouses that have a nice neckline, such as V-necks. However, you should avoid high necklines, as they will actually emphasize your bust.

You should also avoid tight-fitting clothes, as this will make your boobs look small. Instead, choose looser fitting tops and blouses that have a bit of a flowy look to them. Another way to make your boobs look smaller is by wearing a long necklace or a wrap. This will draw attention away from your nipples and make them look smaller.