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Sex Positions For Pregnant Women

Unless your doctor advises against it, there’s no position that’s off limits in the bedroom during pregnancy. Just steer clear of anything that puts pressure on the belly and avoids deep penetration, which can put too much strain on your cervix.

Try spooning instead, which can be comfortable for all trimesters and allows your partner to enter from behind.


Having sex during pregnancy is not only possible, it’s super-hot — and safe (as long as your doctor says it’s okay)! Just remember to experiment with sex positions that don’t put too much pressure on your bump, and make sure to touch the clitoris as you make love.

For example, you and your partner can try reverse cowgirl or smooshing. These pregnancy sex positions are great for the first and second trimester because they don’t put any pressure on your belly. This allows you to be in control of penetration depth and clitoral stimulation.

Another good sex position for pregnant women is spooning. It’s also a good choice for the third trimester, because it keeps your partner from having to bend too far to enter the vagina. And it’s a good alternative to rear-entry, which can be hard on your cervix at this point.

If you are both feeling adventurous, you can also try 69. It’s the same as spooning, but you face each other instead of straddling. This position feels really intimate and makes it easy to kiss, cuddle and look each other in the eye while making love. Just don’t move your hands, toys or penis from your butt to the vagina because this could spread bacteria, which isn’t good for the baby. You should also avoid lying on your stomach during sex because it can restrict blood flow to the baby.

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Standing sex positions can be good for pregnant women during any trimester, especially in the first trimester. With the bump teeny-tiny to nonexistent, your legs have more space for support and your partner can easily enter from behind without too much pressure on the belly.

As your bump gets bigger, you might start to find some of your favorite sex positions less pleasurable, so don’t be afraid to try something new. Just be sure to keep some old favorites in the rotation, and experiment with positions that allow your partner to enter from the front or rear as well as those that provide stimulation of the G-spot and the front of the vagina.

You might also want to try reverse cowgirl, in which you straddle your partner and face them, or pull a Missy Elliot and turn around for some back-entry action. This sex position is great because it allows you to control penetration depth, speed and angle.

Avoid lying on your stomach in any sex position as it puts pressure on the vena cava, which can restrict blood flow to the baby. If lying flat becomes uncomfortable, use a pillow to prop up your top leg and reduce the pressure on your stomach. You might also like to try scooching on the bed with your partner and propping pillows between your back and their thighs for comfort. This sex position is easy for your partner to penetrate and allows you to remain face-to-face for kissing and caressing.

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Partner on top

Having your partner on top is an option that feels comfortable for many pregnant women, especially during the third trimester when orgasms may not be as easy to achieve and libido may be lower. It also puts you in control of penetration depth, speed and rhythm, which can lead to an even more intense orgasmic experience. If this position feels uncomfortable for your partner, try resting their head on your knees or placing a pillow between their legs to reduce the pressure on their pelvic area.

Another great option is to straddle your partner and have them enter from behind, similar to spooning. This position keeps the pressure off of your cervix and allows you to use your hands for stimulation, such as external vibration or clitoral stimulation. You can also prop up your top leg with pillows for added support to prevent your hips from getting sore.

While most of the positions listed above are safe for most pregnant women, it’s important to experiment and find what feels right to you. You and your partner can also communicate about what is or isn’t comfortable as the pregnancy progresses. And, remember that sex is about more than just penetrative sex—there are plenty of other ways to enjoy each other sexually, such as kissing, caressing and oral sex.

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Side lying

This position is great for the second and third trimesters, since it supports the belly, and allows the partner to rub and stimulate the clitoris during penetration. To make it more comfortable, prop pillows behind your back and between your legs to relieve pressure on your hips.

Lie on your side, placing one leg on top of the other to create a V-shape. Your partner can then use the other leg to rest on your belly and create leverage for grinding and clitoral stimulation. It’s also a good choice for those with pelvic girdle pain, as it takes pressure off the hips and knees.

Another great option, this sex position involves the partners straddling each other. This is good for the first and second trimesters, but can be challenging later on as it puts a lot of pressure on your hips and back. If you can’t hold this position for long, try switching to a different one, or switch to clitoral stimulation or external vibration to continue getting pleasure.

Don’t let pregnancy stop you from enjoying sex. There are plenty of other ways to connect with your partner and experience pleasure, including oral sex, kissing, and fantasy. Just remember to keep communication open, and don’t overdo it! Especially after 20 weeks, lying flat on your back can restrict blood flow to the uterus and can be uncomfortable for both of you.