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The Best Condom For Anal Sex

When it comes to anal sex, condoms are a must. But not every condom is ideal for the task.

A good option is a condom that’s thicker and lathered in extra long-lasting silicone lubrication. It also helps if the condom is smooth and has no ribs that could irritate your anus.

Atlas Ultra Lubricated Condoms

Atlas condoms are the perfect choice for those who want to save money while getting their sex on. They are made from a soft, translucent material that’s nearly invisible while providing plenty of lubrication. They’re FDA approved for disease and pregnancy protection and adhere to the same high quality standards as major brands.

These textured condoms from Atlas are studded with raised studs in a unique pattern that heighten pleasure and sensation while also making for more sexy play. They’re crafted from the brand’s silky smooth latex formulation and are lubricated with a long-lasting silicone-based lube to cut down on friction.

If you’re interested in trying Atlas condoms for anal sex, consider the Assorted Pack of 6 Condoms from Atlas. The package contains a mix of the company’s different types including Atlas Ultra-Lubed, Atlas Studded, and the Atlas True Fit. It’s a great way to sample the various styles and pick out your favorite.

Caution Wear Grande

Anal sex is gratifying, but without proper lubrication it can also be painful and dangerous. Without lube, the anus tears which can lead to infection and fecal matter can move up the penis, resulting in a urinary tract infection.

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For anal sex, a condom that is thin and has a reservoir tip is ideal. This model from Caution Wear is made from natural rubber latex and has a head measurement slightly larger than the base width. This makes it easier to slip on and off — but be sure not to use this condom if you have a latex allergy.

In 2022, the FDA approved ONE condoms to be marketed for use with anal intercourse. They are the first external condoms specifically endorsed for anal sex and help reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections from unprotected anal sex. This anal condom features a sheath that covers the glans and an extra 2 mL packet of silicone-based lubricant.

Kimono MicroThin

Known worldwide for sensitivity and strength, Kimono condoms are made from premium natural latex with a low condom smell. With a snug fit and tapered for a tailored feel, these externally lubricated condoms are so thin they’re like wearing nothing at all, yet exceed US and international standards for strength and reliability.

Thinner than Trojan’s thinnest condom, and 20% thinner than the average THIN condom, Kimono MicroThin let you experience more sensation, so you and your partner can be closer. Plus, they are softer than a regular condom with a long-lasting lubricant that doesn’t contain any animal byproducts.

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These teat-ended, straight sided shape condoms are simple and easy to put on, with no added glycerin or parabens. They also offer more room than the standard size, making them a great choice for those with larger penises.

Caution Wear Iron Grip

Many people are open to the idea of anal sex, but they don’t know what condoms to use. It’s important to use condoms during anal sex because STDs can be spread through this type of sexual penetration. Luckily, in 2022, the FDA approved the first-ever condoms designed specifically for anal sex.

The Caution Wear Iron Grip condoms are plain (no ribs or studs) and thin, making them less likely to slip off or hurt. They are also lubricated with an extra 2 mL packet of silicone lube. It’s best to pair these condoms with a water-based lube for anal sex since oil-based lubes can cause latex condoms to degrade and break.

If you don’t have a bottle of lube on hand, you can also use a thick silicone or jelly lube like Pjur Back Door Silicon Anal Lube. Keep in mind that you’ll need to apply the lube before putting on the condom, as well.

Lifestyles Thin Latex Condoms

Unlike the vagina, the anal canal doesn’t provide its own natural lubrication. That’s why using a condom-compatible lubricant is important. It can allow for easier penetration and thrusting without causing the condom to tear or slip off the anus. You can also try a plain silicone lubricant such as Astroglide or Pjur.

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These condoms from Lifestyles are made from latex and feature a reservoir tip for added safety. They’re lubricated for a smooth, pleasurable experience and have a snug fit to ensure the highest level of protection.

These thin standard latex condoms from LifeStyles are 10% thinner than the brand’s popular SKYN line. They’re flavored with organic strawberry and are vegan, fair-trade, fragrance-free, and hypoallergenic. This pack of 40 slim latex condoms is also a great option for couples who are sensitive to the scents often found in synthetic condoms. They’re also available in a smaller size for anal sex.

ONE UltraFeel Condoms

Until recently, condoms were only approved for vaginal sex. Despite recommendations from health organizations, using condoms for anal sex was considered “off-label”.

ONE, maker of the Reality Male Condom, asked the FDA to include anal sex in the product’s intended use, and the FDA agreed. This is the first time a condom has been approved for anal sex based on actual clinical data, and it’s not just any condom, it’s ONE’s latest innovation, the UltraFeel Condom.

ONE’s UltraFeel condom has TotalGlide technology for full lubrication from base to tip, and MicroRoll technology creates a thinner bead of latex at the base for a smoother fit. It’s also made with ONE’s new SheerSkin material, which is their thinnest condom material ever. These features and a 2-in-1 condom/lube package make it ideal for anal sex, especially when used with a lubricant like the Lifestyles Pleasure Lube recommended by CDC and other health organizations for safer sex.