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The Best Enema For Anal Sex

Douching, also called anal douching or doucheing, is a safe way to clean your rectal area before anal sex. It removes residual waste and helps prevent fecal matter from getting into the anal canal, making it less messy.

There are two main types of anal douching kits: bulb and hosed. Bulb douching kits include a small, disposable or reusable silicone bulb with a nozzle that you fill with water and insert into your anus.

Basic or Anal Bulb Douches

If you’re not ready to invest in a full anal douche set, start with a basic or anal bulb. These are similar to the types of douches you might see muscled porn stars holding on their asses in videos, but are designed with hygiene and safety in mind. They’re made of a mix of medical-grade plastic, soft rubber, and stainless steel and are easy to keep clean. The nozzle is also softer and more flexible than the ones on some shower douches, making it easier to insert into your anus.

You can find these in most anal sex stores and some adult toy retailers, as well as online. They’re typically inexpensive and come with a reusable rubber bulb that you can fill with normal water or a home-made lubricant, as desired. They’re easy to use and a good place to start for anyone new to anal douching, as long as you remember to apply plenty of lube and only douche two or three times per week.

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Many people who douche anal also use a baby mucous sucker—which you can get at your local pharmacy or drugstore’s baby section. It may not be as convenient or discreet as a shower douche, but it works just the same. Its rounded tip is easier to insert into your anus and has a more mature look than the hard plastic nozzle on anal douches.

Large or Reusable Bag Douches

Typically, they come in a kit that includes a reusable bag and a tube. The idea is to fill the bag with water and then place it over your anal to create pressure. This gives you a more thorough flush and also allows for the use of multiple nozzle tips, which can have different textures or shapes to suit your needs.

Most are similar to standard shower douches, except they’re bigger and come with a nozzle tip that can be inserted into your anal. These can be a great option if you’re a beginner and don’t want to deal with the hassle of using a standard bulb-type anal enema, as they’re usually quite simple to use.

You can use a standard saline enema solution or home made normal anal saline to wash your anus with this type of douche, although you should always avoid medicated laxative enema solutions that are designed to make you poop and empty your colon. You’ll need to clean the nozzle after every use.

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Many of these come in sets that include not only the anal enema itself, but also other accessories to help you get started, such as lube, cleaner and cock rings. This can be a great way to save money and start out with a set that’s all you need until you’re ready to move on to more advanced anal enema kits.


There are a variety of kits available that include not just the anal enema but also other kinky toys and accessories. These can be great for beginners as they allow you to practice your skills and get accustomed to using a kinky toy. Bundled together, these anal enema sets can make for an ideal starter kit and also save you money.

Basic anal enema sets come with 1 or 2 nozzle heads that are easy to attach and remove thanks to their unique design. The bulb is shaped to allow for a comfortable and smooth insertion while the nozzles themselves are made from a soft, medical-grade silicone that is safe for your skin.

Other anal enema sets may come with more nozzles or a bigger bulb that can hold more water. These can be ideal for more advanced anal users as they offer more versatility and a deeper clean.

While you can use enemas for anal sex, it is important to remember that doing so can be messy and can potentially cause irritation to the colon lining. This could then lead to infection, particularly if you are HIV-positive and/or have other STIs. To avoid this, it is best to use water-based enemas. Other liquids can dehydrate your colon and encourage irritation that can then allow fecal material to enter the bloodstream.

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Most anal enema sets come with multiple nozzles, giving you plenty of options for insertion. A simple, rounded anal douche nozzle is the most common for beginners, but you can also find beaded and curved nozzles to stretch your tush out and train it for harder stuff. Some nozzles are even a little kinky, so be sure to use a good anal lubricant with them!

Some enema kits are bundled with other accessories, like anal lube, cleaner, and cock rings, for complete anal sex starter packs. They’re great for newbies who want to avoid buying everything separately and save a bit of money.

A shower-mounted anal enema is another convenient option. You can hook these up directly to your shower for a high-pressure cleanse and then just push the nozzle into your anus. They usually have a hard plastic nozzle, so it’s best to use a good anal lubricant.

If you really want to skip the douching process altogether, you can also look for an anal sex plug kit that includes the reusable anal enema you need. However, these are often a lot more expensive than other anal enema options. Still, they’re probably the fastest and easiest way to clean up before anal sex! Just be careful when choosing a size and material for an anal sex plug as some materials are not suitable for the colon.