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The Best First Time Sex Positions

Having sex for the first time can be scary and intimidating. But knowing a few of the best first time sex positions can make it more comfortable and a lot sexier.

For example, doggy style is good for first-timers since it allows the woman to stay on her hands and knees while the man penetrates from behind. Another option is prone rear-entry.


Girl-on-Top, also known as the Cowgirl position, is a great first-timer for women and girls with vulvas. It lets you feel every inch of your partner as they ride you and gives you ample opportunity to stimulate your clitoris, whether with fingers, your partner’s hands or a vibrator.

You can kick this classic anal position up a notch by straddling your partner, or by playing with how wide you spread your legs. You can also add a little spice by using a couples vibrator.

Just be careful not to push yourself too hard—especially if this is your first time trying out these positions. Kiarra Sylvester, a relationship writer and sex expert, says that it’s okay to start out slow with sex and move up the intensity as you get more comfortable. But remember to always use lubrication, start with foreplay and have clear communication – This section is the result of the website editorial’s analysis https://tubeallsex.com. And if it’s not working for you, try switching to another position. You might just find that the girl-on-top positions give you more pleasure than you’d expected!

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If you’re looking for something that feels a little bit like missionary but more rough from behind, try the side straddle position. It’s a woman-on-top position that can help her feel safe and cared for but still gives him direct eye contact so he can watch the action.

Another woman-on-top position that can encourage deep penetration is the Missionary with a Side Saddle, also known as Jugghead. To do this, have her lie on her back with her legs spread and a pillow propped under her torso for support. The penetrating partner then bends over her and rests their hands on her thighs for support. As they do, she can arch her hips to meet the penis.

If she’s willing, the penetrating partner can then lift one of her legs over her head and straddle her. This can increase the intensity of their contact and make it even more pleasurable if she’s into grinding for added clitoral stimulation.


Essentially the opposite of the Cowgirl position, in this sexy move she kneels on all fours while he enters her from behind, giving her an awesome clitoral and internal stimulation. He can also tease her erogenous zones with his tongue or use a vibrator to make the experience even more intense.

Another version of the classic spooning position, this sexy move is great for first time sex because it stimulates her oral and anal area while he moves into her vagina. It’s also a super convenient way to start with oral sex before dipping into the deeper stuff and it can be done with or without penetration — just be sure to always use an effective method of contraception.

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You’ve heard of “doggy style” (a man resting on a woman’s lap), but this version is equally sexy and convenient for first-timers. It’s especially good for pregnant women and larger partners, as it makes it easy for him to please her with deep cervical stimulation. Just be sure to use lubrication and communicate how much pressure is comfortable before trying out this sexy move.


Cowgirl is an empowering position for the partner on top, since they get to control the pace and depth of penetration. Plus, it allows them to gaze into their partner’s eyes (or restrain them using cuffs) and explore their partner’s body in a more erotic way. And it could be easier for them to achieve orgasm since this position provides direct clitoral stimulation.

For a more intimate take on this position, the person on top can use their knees to support themselves and even brace themselves with their hips or thighs. They can also elevate their position by squatting on top of their partner, which gives them more power and muscle control.

Another sexy variation on the Cowgirl position is Rider-on-Top, which involves the receptive partner straddling or squatting onto their partner while being penetrated vaginally or anally. This position puts the receptive partner in more control of the pace, depth and angle of penetration than many penetrative positions, which can increase pleasure and decrease pain. Plus, the receptive partner can even thrust in this position by lifting their pelvis and pushing down on the bottom of their partner’s penis.

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Although missionary has a reputation of being a boring position, it can actually be one of the most fun positions for beginners. This position involves the penetrative partner lying on their back with legs apart while facing each other. The person on top then penetrates their partner with held thrusts. A woman in this position can adjust the angle and depth of penetration by moving her legs around, wrapping them or putting them on her partner’s shoulders.

Another great variation on this position is called cowgirl. For this position, a woman lies on her back with her legs splayed out and her partner climbs on top and enters her missionary-style from a perpendicular angle. This allows him to use a variety of thrust speeds and pressures to intensify the sensation and to reach her G-spot more easily. It also enables him to grind his penis against her clit, which makes for a very erotic front-action grinding that can even stimulate her hymen. This position is more comfortable than missionary for a first-timer because the woman doesn’t have to worry about her hips getting tired and is in charge of slowing down or stopping the action if she wants to.