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What Country Has the Biggest Boobs?

Using data from 108 different countries, experts found that American women have the biggest natural breasts. The study excluded women with implants, those who were pregnant or breastfeeding.

Russia, Norway and Sweden are also on the list. They all have average breasts larger than a D cup. This is despite being known for their stunning women.

The United States

Women across the world have different boobs, and it turns out that America has the biggest breasts of any country on the planet. A recent study conducted by Target Map compared every country to show how their breasts stack up on average. The results were pretty shocking and showed that women in the US have a larger bust size than any other nation, while British ladies have the smallest boobs of any country on the planet.

The researchers looked at 400,000 women from 108 countries, and found that American women have the largest natural boobs of any country in the world. They ranked the nations by their average cup size, and excluded women who had implants or were pregnant or breastfeeding. The US came in ahead of Canada, Ireland, Poland and Britain. The researchers also surveyed women in the Philippines, and found that they have the smallest boobs of all countries on the planet.

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In the top ten were Russia, Sweden, Finland and Norway, who all have women with an average breast size of a D cup or larger. The UK, Germany, Italy, Colombia, Venezuela and Iceland also made the list. African and Asian countries, on the other hand, had a much smaller average cup size, with most of them measuring in an A or B. It was a big surprise to many people, as they expected the US to rank higher in the list, but it seems that the average breast size can vary significantly from country to country.

The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and is home to iconic landmarks like Stonehenge, London’s Financial District and centuries-old universities at Oxford and Cambridge. But it turns out, women in this country also have some of the biggest boobs in the world. According to a recent study by Target Map, UK women on average have a C cup breast size.

Finland, Russia and Sweden ranked second and third for their bust sizes, with ladies in those countries having an average cup size larger than a D. While Australia, Central Europe and the US were all said to have an average A-C cup size. Interestingly enough, the study did not include data on women who had undergone plastic surgery or were currently pregnant or breastfeeding.

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While many women choose to have their breasts surgically increased in size, others are happy with a smaller chest and choose to embrace it naturally. However, it’s no secret that some women have bigger boobs than others and this is something that can vary widely from one country to the next. This is something that can be quite confusing for some women who may not be aware of how different breast sizes can be from country to country. The good news is, a new chart has been created that shows the difference in breast size across the globe.

The Philippines

The Philippines is the world’s largest country with a population of 108 million people. Most of the inhabitants live in urban areas. Agriculture provides the main source of income. Rice and corn are the staples. Other crops include fruits and vegetables. Fishing and logging also play an important role. The majority of the population practices Christianity or local religions. Karaoke is a popular pastime in the Philippines, and it is common to see people singing their hearts out. The Filipinos value the concept of bayanihan, which is a spirit of generosity and service to others.

Women in Europe measure on average a C cup, while those in Asia and Africa are smaller than most. China, however, doesn’t make the cut as they only measure a petite A cup.

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The Netherlands

Dutch women have a reputation for having big boobs but this may not be the case anymore. The country has seen a dramatic increase in the number of women with D-cup breasts since five years ago, according to research from Bodyfashion Promotion. The company’s survey found that 32 percent of the country’s women now have a D-cup, up from 20 percent five years ago.

The study looked at 400,000 women from around the world and compared their natural breast size to each country. It excluded women who had breast implants or were pregnant or breastfeeding. The results found that American women have the biggest boobs in the world followed by Canadians and Ireland. The smallest natural boobs in the world are found in the Philippines.

It’s not the first time that researchers have compared breast sizes. Last year Mandatory created a map that showed the average penis size across the globe. While it would be interesting to see the average breast size per country (no details on whether or not implants are included) it is a little creepy to think about tracking bra purchases by each nation. Fortunately, there are plenty of websites that allow women to track their bra size and find the best fitting bra for them.