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How to Make My Boobs Look Bigger

Beautiful boobs come in all shapes and sizes, but sometimes we want to add a little extra lift. It’s surprisingly easy to give your boobs the illusion of bigger volume, resulting in eye-catching cleavage.

Wearing tight tops and anything cinched in at the waist will make your breasts look larger. You can also try adding chest exercises to your routine to build pectoral muscles that support a fuller bust.

Wear Tops with Horizontal Lines

Girls Guide Pro Tip: Wearing tops with horizontal lines on them can make your boobs look bigger by creating the illusion that your chest is wider. The trick is to wear thin lines that will have a stronger effect than wider ones, so choose wisely when picking your clothing items. Try a striped dress or t-shirt and pair it with a long necklace to draw attention to your chest area.

If you’re a pear shape, stripes will help balance your figure by drawing the eye to your torso rather than your hips and stomach. If you want to accentuate your boobs, a high-waisted bottom half can also do the trick as it will push your tummy and waist out more.

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Another tip is to use a padded bra to give your boobs more cleavage. You can get these bras with a built-in inner lining and some of them even have detachable straps for more flexibility, so you can switch between regular and racerback styles. If you already have a bra with detachable straps, then you can use a safety pin or a paper clip to attach them together in the back, which will hide your straps and create more cleavage.

Finally, don’t forget to correct your posture when standing up. Slouching can round your back and make your boobs appear smaller, so try to always stand up straight and keep your shoulders back to give your boobs that perky effect you’re after.

Contour Your Chest

We’ve all heard about contouring your face, but did you know it can make your boobs look bigger too? Using a highlighter and dark contour pencil on your chest can give the appearance of more cleavage. Start by using a contour shade that’s darker than your natural skin tone and draw a half-moon shape above your breasts. Be sure to blend it so that the lines don’t show up too harshly on your skin.

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Then use a highlighter that’s one or two shades lighter than your skin color to create the illusion of more cleavage. Using a light highlighter on your collarbones, decolletage, and front of your neck will also help to widen the appearance of your chest. Remember to only apply the highlighter in areas that naturally catch the light so that your boobs don’t look shiny or overdone.

If you’re a C-cup and want a little extra cleavage, wear a pushup bra underneath your normal bra. This will not only give you extra cleavage, but it will also lift your boobs higher.

It’s a good idea to do this in combination with the other tips on how to make your boobs look bigger because it will maximize the effect. Also, don’t forget to practice proper posture, because slouching makes your boobs look smaller and less perky.

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Wear Tight Clothes

A good fit is key when it comes to making your boobs look bigger. Wearing tight tops, dresses, and skirts with a cinched in waist can help to enhance your chest area. Pairing this with a push up bra can also work wonders. If you’re going with a looser fit, try adding a long pendant necklace to draw more attention to your neckline.

Another easy trick for making your boobs look bigger is by wearing a top with a deep v-neck. This helps to highlight your boobs and make them look larger and more well-rounded.

Finally, don’t forget to practice great posture. Slouching can cause your boobs to look smaller, so keep your shoulders back and your chest open to create a more perky appearance.

Whether you want to temporarily boost your boobs or are looking for ways to permanently increase your cup size, these simple hacks will give you the eye-catching cleavage you’ve always wanted! So what are you waiting for? Go out and rock those boobs with confidence! You’ll be glad you did!