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How to Make My Boobs Perkier

We’ve all heard of products or miracle potions that promise to make our boobs perky. The truth is, there are no shortcuts to perky breasts outside of cosmetic surgery. The…

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What Is Considered Big Boobs?

Women often feel a need to be “busty”. The common perception is that men like large breasts, and this is reinforced by popular jokes and pornography. However, some people are…

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How to Make Your Boobs Smaller

If you’re a woman with large breasts, your feelings about their size may change over time. For instance, their composition can change after a pregnancy, or after you start working…

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Why Are Boobs Sexualized?

Boob is a word that has become synonymous with women’s breasts. It is also a slang word for stupid or foolish people. Many people find pleasure in touching and stroking…

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How to Naturally Lift Boobs

Having perky breasts is a dream of many women. Although, a surgical breast lift can provide the boost many desire, not everyone is willing to undergo such a procedure. Fortunately,…

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What Does Perky Boobs Mean?

There are many advertised secrets and potions to keep your boobs perky, but no cream or lotion can change the natural aging process of your breasts. The most effective way…

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How to Clean Sticky Boobs

Sticky bras are great for a night out, but they’ll quickly lose their stickiness if not washed properly. This video will show you how to wash your backless bras and…

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What Country Has the Biggest Boobs?

Using data from 108 different countries, experts found that American women have the biggest natural breasts. The study excluded women with implants, those who were pregnant or breastfeeding. Russia, Norway…

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