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Sensual Body Oil For Sex

Whether you’re trying out a new sex toy or just want to spice up your massage, a sensual oil can do the trick. Unlike glycerin-based lubes, these body oils have the feel of lotion and are safe for intimate use.

This sensual oil is scented with ylang-ylang, a natural aphrodisiac that boosts libido and can encourage bonding between partners. It also contains coconut and jojoba oils to moisturize skin.

1. Fox Envy Vanilla Body Oil

This sensual massage oil from Fox Envy is an erotic body oil that is perfect for sex. It is infused with a sweet vanilla scent that enhances sensitivity during intimate moments and helps to relax the body during a massage.

This body oil contains a blend of natural oils, including Safflower Seed Oil and Sweet Almond Oil, to help nourish the skin during intimate moments. It also comes with a Rosemary Orange Scent to add aromatherapy to the experience and is perfect for couples massages.

The oil is formulated to leave no greasy residue and absorbs easily into the skin. It is non-toxic and easy to clean up, making it a great option for couples who want to enjoy a relaxing sexy body oil massage.

It is a great choice for those who have sensitive skin, as the oil does not contain any harsh chemicals or parabens. It also has a light vanilla fragrance that is not overpowering. The bottle is large and has a convenient pump that makes it easy to dispense the product.

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It is important to note that this product may irritate those who have a nut or sesame oil allergy. Additionally, it is not condom compatible, so if you are planning to use this product with a partner, make sure you have a separate lube for the occasion.

2. Love Honey Vanilla Body Oil

If you want to suck your lover into a tantalizing body massage, this sweet-smelling blend is the perfect way to get things started. It’s also ideal for solo erotic activities since it doesn’t increase libido directly, but does help you feel confident, which is a major boost for sexual stimulation. Just remember that oil tends to break down latex condoms and some sex toys, so make sure you use a water-based lube during intimate play.

If you’re looking for a sensual body oil that you can also use as a massage oil, look no further than this set from Earthly Body Products. The set includes sweet almond, apricot, grapeseed and sesame seed oils that provide irresistible glide and a pillowy smooth finish. It’s also suitable for sensitive skin and contains a nourishing blend of essential oils. Just be aware that this oil does contain nut oils, so it’s not safe for those with a nut allergy or intolerance.

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Miss Steele would approve of this Fifty Shades-inspired massage oil. The opulent blend of floral and fruity notes is sure to turn on your partner—and yourself. It’s part of the Pleasure Collection approved by E L James, so it’s definitely a must-try for fans of the sexy book series.

3. Earthly Body Products Hemp Seed Body Oil Set

Earthly Body, which makes a number of natural hair and skin products as well as Marrakesh massage oil and candles, uses only the finest natural ingredients to craft its hemp-infused line. This massage oil is made with a blend of oils (including Hemp Seed, Apricot Kernel and Grape Seed) and vitamin E to pamper the skin. It provides a slick professional glide and leaves skin soft and smooth without any greasy residue after use. The luscious formula also provides a boost of moisture to combat Colorado’s dehydrating climate.

This heavenly-scented massage and body oil comes in an easy-to-use pump bottle that can be used with or without a carrier oil. It’s free of harmful ingredients such as mineral oil, dyes, phthalates, propylene glycol and alcohol and is 100% vegan and gluten free. It’s also eco friendly and created using solar powered energy. This product should not be used as a personal lubricant and shouldn’t be used with condoms. It can, however, be sprayed onto the lips and hands for intimate moments. It also makes a great gift for your favorite sensual lover.

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4. Coconu Hemp Infused Body Oil

For those who are sexy with an edge, try Coconu’s sensual body oil. This luscious oil can be used as a massage oil or personal lubricant for intimate pleasure and is infused with hemp seed oil to increase sensitivity, soothe skin, and provide pain relief.

The product also contains broad-spectrum domestic hemp that has non-detectable levels of THC, which makes it completely legal and safe for sex. The product is free from glycerin, parabens, and gluten. It also has a pleasantly subtle aroma and is free from fragrances, phylates, phthalates, or dyes.

Like stretching before a workout, applying a body oil is an essential part of any sensual massage. These oils usually have ingredients that can enhance mood and boost intimacy, such as ylang ylang, which is a natural aphrodisiac. Others include clary sage oil, which lowers stress hormones to help you feel more relaxed and ready for intimate encounters.

While coconut oil is the 8th wonder of the world, it should not be used as a body oil for sex because it can upend the delicate balance of your vaginal flora. This imbalance can lead to fungal infections like yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis, so it is better to use a specially formulated lubricant such as Coconu Hemp Infused Body Oil for intimate experiences. You can buy Coconu products from the company’s website. They have been verified as a trustworthy and legitimate site by portals like Trustpilot.