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The Best Oral Sex Positions For Penetration

Oral sex is one of the most sensual and orgasmic sex positions available. Whether you’re giving or receiving, learning the best oral sex positions for penetration can bring your pleasure to new heights.

Not only do these sexual positions create specific angles and access to sensitive spots, but they also communicate your excitement for and enthusiasm about oral stimulation. So try these sexy best oral sex positions:

1. Lie Back and Enjoy

It’s easy to think that oral sex is pretty straightforward — you and your partner are lying down and going at it. But there are tons of different ways to spice up this oral experience for added excitement and pleasure.

One of the most classic oral sex positions is to lie back and let your partner enter your mouth from behind. “This is great for partners with different genitalia as the person on top can access their partner’s vulva and the clit,” Morgan-Najieb says. “They can also wrap their legs around the supine partner, which provides some additional light submission and teases the erogenous zones.”

Another variation on this position is to have the giver stand up, with their head hanging off the side of the bed. The receiver then slides their body to meet them, which allows the giver to thrust their penis in and out of the receiver’s mouth. This is a good one for those who want to stimulate the clitoris and is also a great position for those who prefer deep-throat orgasm, as it elongates the throat, Morgan-Najieb adds.

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2. Sideways 69

69 has been around forever, and for good reason—it’s the classic oral sex position that gives the most pleasure to both partners. But there are plenty of variations that you can try to add even more intensity and excitement to this classic.

The sideways 69 (also known as the lazy 69) involves both partners lying on their sides with their face toward each other for oral stimulation. “This is a great way to give and receive without strain,” Riley says. “And it can help you ease into climax if you want to start slowly.”

Another variation on this position is the thigh master, which is more like a missionary position and involves the man’s legs being spread apart and the woman placing her head in between them. The man then thrusts his cock into the woman’s mouth to stimulate her and she can also lick the back of his head to elicit even more pleasure. This is a great position to add in a vibrator or a dildo for vaginal and clitoral stimulation. You may also want to use a lubricant with this one for ease of movement.

3. Doggy Style

Doggy style, which is similar to the sideways 69 position but with one partner inverting their bodies, can be a great oral sex position for both exhibitionists and voyeurs. Both partners can have a good time exploring their nipples in this position, which can also provide deep orgasms.

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This position can also stimulate the tip of the cervix, aka the A-spot, for women. It’s best if the penetrating partner kneels behind their partner and holds their hips in between or on either side of the receiver. They can then insert their penis or sex toy into the anus, vagina, or both.

With so many different positions to choose from, it’s important for both partners to try new positions and find what feels best. It’s also important to practice safe-sex with your partner and come up with a safety signal you can use together, like a wave or booty tap, if things get uncomfortable. This will help keep communication open and make it easier to use a different sex position if you need to.

4. Facesitting

Facesitting is a classic oral sex position that can be super hot. It’s also a great way to introduce additional stimulation, like a butt plug, dildo or vibrator. You can also add pressure with your hands or mouth.

For the giving partner, this is a very relaxed position that allows them to enjoy the anal canal and clitoris without being too intense or restrictive. They can also lean forward to elongate the neck for even more orgasms.

The receiving partner can be a little nervous or awkward with this one, but they should embrace it as a fun goofy experience. It’s a perfect opportunity to get out all the giggles and try to make funny noises with their partner.

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It can be a bit difficult for the bottom to feel clit pleasure in this position, so it’s important for them to find an angle that feels comfortable and not too painful. The giver should also be sure to slide their penis in at an angle that’s easy to maneuver around the teeth and avoid a grazing sensation.

5. Face-to-Face

It’s no secret that oral sex is super orgasmic, but there are lots of ways to spice things up even more. “Try changing up the positions to add variety and keep things feeling fresh,” says sexologist Tyomi Morgan-Najieb. “Sometimes new positions will trigger a different type of orgasm.”

For example, the head dangler position works well for a woman who loves to tease her partner’s clit and testicles as they glide toward her mouth. It’s also a great pose for partners who like to switch between dominant and submissive, as it gives the giver complete control of their partner’s face.

Another way to get the most out of this kinky position is by using lubricants with different viscosities (grippy for extra friction, slippy for definition) to create a sensation that’s like amped-up oral sex. And, don’t forget to use the proper hygiene when doing oral sex—that includes washing your hands before and after you enter the sex hole! Oral sex can trigger an increase in natural lubrication and, as an added bonus, will help loosen your vaginal muscles to prepare for intercourse.