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Girl on Girl Sex Positions

When it comes to girl on girl sex positions, there are plenty of options. But you have to be willing to try some that require a little flexibility and physical strength to maintain.

For example, have her straddle you and put one leg over your shoulder for all-access to your G-spot. Then, touch and lick each other’s vulvas, nipples, and breasts.


Cowgirl is a classic, empowering position that puts the person on top in control. They can decide if and how deeply they want to penetrate, and even bounce at different angles to target specific internal spots. It’s also a great position for vulva owners because it can offer direct clitoral stimulation, and it can make orgasm easier to achieve.

If the partner on top wants to level up the experience, they can straddle their partner’s leg and wrap their arms around them. This will increase intimacy, and it can also allow them to play with a vibrating ring or other sex toy.

If things begin to feel too easy, they can try a reverse cowgirl. In this variation, the person on top faces their partner’s feet instead of her head while bouncing. This will offer a different angle of penetration, and it can also stimulate the anterior G-spot area more than regular cowgirl. It might not be as comfortable for the penetrative partner, however. They may need some hip flexibility to perform this position well.

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The good old-fashioned missionary position can be taken to mind-blowing new heights with the addition of a pillow – This section was taken from the website sex-relax.com. The person being penetrated straddles the penetrating partner with one leg between hers and another outside his, creating an angle of penetration that’s hard to beat. Plus, her feet can be within reach for a spot of foot fetish.

This sex position is similar to cowgirl but more intimate, and it opens her up for deep, satisfying thrusts that can tease and satisfy your clitoris. It’s also a great way to test the limits of her comfort.

If you’re feeling especially adventurous, try a sexy variation of this position that’s known as the Amazon. It’s basically a reverse Cowgirl, and it can give you both crazy orgasms that you’ll never forget. This is one of our favorite sex positions to use with vibrators. You can add a bit of pressure to the spot you’re targeting with your hands to really crank things up. It’s sure to make her swoon! This is a fun sex position to use with a strap-on, too.


Missionary is a girl on girl sex position where the penetrating partner is on top and the bottom partner lies underneath them. It’s a very intimate position, where partners can kiss each other, caress each other’s faces and even whisper some hot naughty things in their ears (which is sure to send them into a fit of orgasms).

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The bottom partner’s clitoris can be easily stimulated by the top’s penis as it enters the vagina in missionary. The top can also control the speed, depth, rhythm and angle of penetration to further heighten sexual sensations for their partner.

The bottom partner’s hands are free in this position and can be used to massage other erogenous zones, such as the back of the head, nipples and knees, recommends sexuality and relationship coach Niki Davis-Fainbloom. Or, she can play with deeper penetration and wrap her legs around her partner’s back for more sensation and pleasure.


A stand-up version of the cowgirl, this position allows the girl on top to lick her partner’s pussy and anus while simultaneously stimulating her own vagina and clitoris. This is also a fun position for rimming.

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One girl lies down on her back and the other straddles her, presenting her vulva to her partner who licks and masturbates it. Alternatively, the receiving girl can get on her knees and eat the other’s clit, in a sitting sixty-nine position. This is a very satisfying position for both partners, especially if the hands are filled with lubricant. The receiving girl can even add butt slaps and hair pulls for extra excitement.

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Like Missionary, this fun sex position puts the partner on top in control while offering unique clitoral stimulation. It starts with both partners assuming the standard missionary position, but then the person being penetrated raises their legs, bending them or leaving them straight, depending on flexibility and comfort level. The penetrating partner can then use a sex toy or hand to stimulate the clitoris, Padjen says.

The penetrating partner can also switch things up by moving back and forth on the bottom partner’s penis or wrapping their legs around their waist, for added sensations. The person on top can even use the bottom partner’s hair to add a erotic and intimate element to the sex.

For a more intense variation on this sex position, try the piledriver position, which is similar to reverse cowgirl but offers deeper penetration and direct access to the G-Spot. This is a more ambitious position, so it might require some extra strength and stamina from both partners. For this reason, it’s a great idea to start with a light, natural lube.